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04/05/2024, 10:41 AM

Are you a business owner in the USA and you need a working website?

In fact, for any part of the world, you can create a resource that will actively work, bringing a decent result. A minimum of effort is required from you, change text and images to fill the site with unique information. What would probably make your site the best and it would be shown in the first line of the search.

How much will the website work cost?

My work will be negotiated with each client separately. Or, it will cost the same, but the quality of the site and its promotion will be much better. Payment is possible in several stages, if the customer came from my close partner, I will be happy to immediately issue a discount. Bonuses are also provided in the form of remote computer assistance for regular customers in the United States.

How long does it take to create a website?

It all depends on the client, how quickly he will provide information, and how difficult it is to complete everything what he wants to see on his resource.

Can you help with creating a point on the map?

I have a lot of expierence in creating points on Google maps, and I did remote points in the USA. But for this you need to prepare the name, description of the business, good photos. Sometimes, to confirm, Google asks you to be in this place so that you can make a video call and show on the camera that you are really here. It rarely happens right away, but rather Google makes the decision itself. It all depends on different factors, like, how long your account has existed, which IP address you access the network from and where you are (geolocation). Please, contact me if you want to do it.

Do you provide technical specifications for the website?

Do you teach website content?

It's very easy to train if needed. My experience in distance learning is huge.

How to pay for your services?

Convenient for the customer!

Yes, of course, it is minimal, you can read it, one sheet of A4 format, I tell you meticulously if necessary. I always help the client, I suggest what the title of his website should be, what description tags are better to write. What color can be on the website, what fonts are better to use, how easy it is to compress online images. And much more that many masters simply hide because of greed.

Terms of reference and description.

1. Selecting a domain for the site, if you don't already have one, you can  check availability at namecheap. In its settings, the NS server must be changed. You can also purchase a domain in the control panel of the website.

2. Choosing a template, layout for the site. 
There are free, inside the control panel and paid. Colors and fonts can be changed, as well as remove and add modules if necessary.

3. There are very good instructions for working in the system faq.

4. How much does hosting cost? 
Pricing $6 a month, when paying for a year -20% discount, for 2 years -30%. In the basic tariff you will have 2.5 GB of space!

5. Which way to work with site users?
Three options, the first users log in through a social network, Google or Facebook. Second, users register via mail with or without confirmation. Third, users cannot register at all, and the login form is not visible to them.

6. The work of site administrators and notifications about what is happening. 
Everything comes to one mailbox, comments, registration, questions, reviews, additions of material from users, support service responses, and more.

7. How many mailboxes can be in the feedback form on the site? 
Three, that is, to 3 specified emails if they wrote directly from the site, the same letter will come. It is also possible to attach a file up to 15 MB in size, spam protection, 4 types of captchas.

8. Is it possible to distinguish between the possibilities of guests and users? Yes, of course, the guest cannot see the content of the page until he registers. Also, categories of dynamic modules can be password protected.

9. Site security ? 
It cannot be hacked and downloaded. You can limit the number of working people in the control panel, as well as the time of work and the exact binding to IP. Also, on mobile devices and computers, it prevents simultaneous login.

10. Uploading files to the site is carried out without problems. The file manager is even in the visual editor. The maximum size for uploading a single file via FTP is 60 MB in the basic tariff plan. When uploading an image, you can automatically set the watermark.

11. To edit pages, posts, comments, you do not need to go to the control panel. It is enough for the administrator moderator to enter the site through a social network or login with a password.

12. How to choose the name and description of the site? 
It's simple, for this you need to look at popular queries in trends and draw a conclusion. The title of the site should be no more than 100 characters, and the description no more than 300!

We will tell you more in a free consultation! 

Website development, promotion, IL
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